La Bee Française

French Classes for 6-10 year-olds

Be a busy bee, apprenez une nouvelle langue à partir d’aujourd’hui!

What we learn?

Session topics and games

We learn new words in French, in sessions structured by different topics: greetings, sports, holidays, feelings, habitat, family, seasons, school items, food, pets and wild animals, etc.

We also use games (Memory games or Board games like: Charades, Bingo, Play Doh, Dolls, etc.), making it fun and easy for kids to learn new things.

How we learn?

Friendship circle time

We start the session with a friendship circle time. We sing the Bonjour song. We introduce and review the words according to the session topic.

Behaviour management

Pupils are introduced to BM behavior management techniques: Golden Rules (always be kind and helpful, treat our things with respect, when someone speaks everyone else listens) Getting involved in the activities The Bee of the week, awarded to someone that’s made an extra special effort (big or small)

Reward system

Kids are challenged to get involved in the games and activities. At the end of each session stamps in the Passport to the World are offered to each pupil.

Le Français,
oui but why?

What will children achieve:

Le Français,
oui but why?

What will children achieve:

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